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Volume 2(1)/2010 (June, 30)

ISSN 2067-6352 (online)

First pages. AAB Bioflux 2(1):i-vi.

Irimia I., Danu M. A., 2010 Contributions to the paludal vegetation study from the Vaslui river basin. AAB Bioflux 2(1):1-7.

Mardari C., Birsan C. C., Negrea B. M., 2010 Endemic, rare or protected cormophytes from Neagra Brostenilor basin (Eastern Carpathians). AAB Bioflux 2(1): 9-18.

Sima N. F., Rotar I., Sima R. M., 2010 Estimation of usage and fertilization impact on quality of Festuca rubra pasture and sustainability of some technological variants. AAB Bioflux 2(1):19-23.

Iqbal M., Khan M. A., 2010 Management of Cotton leaf Curl Virus by planting time and plant spacing. AAB Bioflux 2(1):25-33.

Paveliuc-Olariu C., Nwachukwu I. N., Bover-Felices K., 2010 A comparative analysis of the entrepreneurial profile of the rural entrepreneur: Moldavia region of Romania, Niger state in Nigeria and Camaguey region of Cuba. AAB Bioflux 2(1):35-39.

Paveliuc-Olariu C., 2010 The analysis of the effects of rurbanization on rural communities in the North-East Development of Romania. AAB Bioflux 2(1):41-48.

Sima R. M., Maniutiu D. N., Cenariu D., Lazar V., Sima N. F., 2010 The impact of culture system and fertilization type on yield and fruit quality of greenhouse tomatoes. AAB Bioflux 2(1):49-54.

Sima N. F., 2010 Study regarding the influence of some technological inputs on soil-plant-animal interrelation in the frame of Festuca rubra ecosystem of pasture from boreal level (Cindrel Mountains). AAB Bioflux 2(1):55-60.

Khan M. A., Bukhari S. A. H., Nafees M., Iqbal M., Jamil M., 2010 Comparative agronomic evaluation of different cotton varieties under desert climate. AAB Bioflux 2(1):61-63.

Chinan V. C., 2010 Macrofungi from „Tinovul de la Romanesti” peat bog (Dornelor Depression, Romania). AAB Bioflux 2(1):65-70.

Pimda W., Bunnag S., 2010 Genetic transformation of Vanda lilacina Teijsm. & Binnend. with a chitinase gene. AAB Bioflux 2(1):71-78.

Pandey P., Anurag P. J., 2010 Estimation of genetic parameters in indigenous rice. AAB Bioflux 2(1):79-84.

***, 2010 Editorial: AAB Bioflux disseminated via CEPIEC (Socolar). AAB Bioflux 2(1):85-86.

***, 2010 Editorial: AAB Bioflux covered by CABI. AAB Bioflux 2(1):87-88.