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Advances in Agriculture & Botanics

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Volume 6(1)/2014

First pages, 2014 AAB Bioflux 6(1):i-iv.

Apuan D. A., Mercurio M. A. T., 2014 Agri-systems variations determined through Principal Component Analysis. AAB Bioflux 6(1):1-10.

Abbas M. F., Ibrahim M. A.-H., Jasim A. M., 2014 Micropropagation of Indian jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana Lam. cv. Zaytoni) through shoot tip culture. AAB Bioflux 6(1):11-15.

Agyeno O. E., Jayeola A. A., Ajala B. A., Mamman B. J., 2014 Exo-morphology of vegetative parts support the combination of Solenostemon rotundifolius (Pior) J. K. Morton with Plectranthus esculentus N. E. Br. Natal (Lamiaceae) with insight into infra-specific variability. AAB Bioflux 6(1):16-25.

Taain D. A., 2014 The role of some plant extracts and storage temperature in improving storage ability of Date palm fruits cv. Dayri (Phoenix dactylifera L. cv. Dayri). AAB Bioflux 6(1):26-32.

Apuan D. A., 2014 Measuring magnitude of treatment effects in agricultural experiments. AAB Bioflux 6(1):33-39.

Abbas M. F., Abdul-Wahid A. H., Abass K. I., 2014 Metaxenic effect in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruit in relation to level of endogenous auxins. AAB Bioflux 6(1):40-44.

Wangsomnuk P. P., Rittithum W., Ruttawat B., Wangsomnuk P., 2014 Comparative analysis of DNA extracted from mature leaves of rubber tree and application for seventeen tropical plant species for PCR amplification. AAB Bioflux 6(1):45-56.

Petrescu D.-C., Mihaiescu T., Maxim A., Varban D., Odagiu A., Proorocu M., Coada C. A., 2014 Consumers’ food label reading behaviour. AAB Bioflux 6(1):57-69.

Sopha G. A., Widodo W. D., Poerwanto R., Palupi E. R., 2014 Photoperiod and gibberellins effect on True shallot seed formation. AAB Bioflux 6(1):70-76.

Hasan N., Hasyim A., 2014 Seasonal abundance of Epilachna vigintioctopunctata on Solanum torvum in highland area of Sukarami, West Sumatra. AAB Bioflux 6(1):77-87.

Setiawati W., Hasyim A., Hudayya A., Shepard B. M., 2014 Evaluation of shade nets and Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (SENPV) to control Spodoptera exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on shallot in Indonesia. AAB Bioflux 6(1):88-97.