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Advances in Agriculture & Botanics

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Volume 9(3)/2017

First pages, 2017 AAB Bioflux 9(3):i-vi.

Ibrahim M. A., Jerry A. N., Khalil A. I., 2017 Effect of plant growth regulators and sodium chloride on indirect organogenesis of three cultivars of potato plant (Solanum tuberosum L.) via in vitro culture. AAB Bioflux 9(3):103-110.

Farooq J., Rizwan M., Sharif I., Saleem S., Chohan S. M., Kainth R. A., 2017 Genetic diversity studies in some advanced lines of Gossypium hirsutum L. for yield and quality related attributes using cluster and principle component analysis. AAB Bioflux 9(3):111-118.

Rollon R. J. C., Almendras-Ferraren A. S., Ferraren D. O., 2017 Effects of biochar application on potting media chemical properties, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi spore density, growth and nutrient uptake of sorghum (Sorghum vulgare L.). AAB Bioflux 9(3):119-135.

Begea M., Berkesy C., Berkesy L., Ciric A., Barbulescu I. D., Gavriloaie C., 2017 Study of the recovery in agriculture of the waste resulted from baker's yeast industry. AAB Bioflux 9(3):136-145.

Simion I., 2017 Sedum caespitosum (Cav.) DC. - a study concerning the presence of this plant in Oltenia. AAB Bioflux 9(3):146-153.

Abdulwahid A. H., 2017 Mechanism of date palm Phoenix dactylifera salt tolerance, effect of water salinity on some cell wall enzymes activity during development of Sayer date palm fruit. AAB Bioflux 9(3):154-160.

Taain D. A., Abd A. K. M., Jaber N. A.-Z., 2017 Effect of pre and post-harvest treatment with plant extracts and calcium chloride on storage ability of tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. fruits grown in plastic greenhouse. AAB Bioflux 9(3):161-172.