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Volume 7(3)/2015

First pages, 2015 AAB Bioflux 7(3):i-vi.

Moldovan M. P., Mihaiescu T., Oroian I., 2015 The influence of climatic conditions on the occurrence of powdery mildew attack in oak forests in Mures County, Romania. AAB Bioflux 7(3):145-149.

Uy M. M., Villazorda M. G. L., 2015 The antioxidant properties of the Philippine medicinal plants Cassia sophera Linn., Derris elliptica Benth, Ficus minahassea Tesym. and De Vr., Leea aculeata Blume and Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. AAB Bioflux 7(3):150-156.

Bora F. D., Donici A., Moldovan M. P., 2015 Measurements of trace elements in must and wine using FAAS technique. AAB Bioflux 7(3):157-165.

Grigoroaea D., Vlad R., Roibu C., 2015 Management influence on the dead wood distribution in a Norway spruce forest from Calimani National Park, Romania. AAB Bioflux 7(3):166-173.

Piticar M. A., Cenusa R. L., Grosu L., Danila I. C., 2015 Ecological research concerning the forest vegetation at the pioneer stage in the Bucovina Ridges area, Suceava, Romania. AAB Bioflux 7(3):174-186.

Nonci N., Pabendon M. B., Muis A., 2015 Intrinsic growth rate of Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) feed on three sweet sorghum varieties. AAB Bioflux 7(3):187-196.

Maghanoy L. G. M., Teves F. G., 2015 DNA-binding activity of secondary metabolites from SC-CO2 extracts of cat's whiskers Orthosiphon aristatus (Blume) Miq. AAB Bioflux 7(3):197-205.

Gallego R. P., Teves F. G., 2015 Angiogenesis modulatory activity of SC-CO2 leaf extract of guyabano (Annona muricata Linn.) using chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane assay. AAB Bioflux 7(3):206-216.

Bora F. D., Pop T. I., Babes A. C., Iliescu M., Popescu D., Bunea C. I., Donici A., Pop N., 2015 Analysis of micro and macroelements in must and wine of three Vitis vinifera L. varieties, using FAAS-technique. AAB Bioflux 7(3):217-226.

Bora F. D., Mihaly-Cozmuta L., Mihaly-Cozmuta A., Peter A., Nicula C., Donici A., 2015 A study on cadmium, lead, zinc and cobalt concentration in Baia Mare County, N-W Romania soils. AAB Bioflux 7(3):227-240.

Farooq J., Rizwan M., Anwar M., Riaz M., Mahmood K., Petrescu-Mag I. V., 2015 Multivariate analysis for CLCuD and various morphological traits in some advanced lines of cotton Gossypium hirsutum L. AAB Bioflux 7(3):241-247.

Erratum, 2015 AAB Bioflux 7(3):248-248.