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Volume 3(1)/2011

First pages, 2011 AAB Bioflux 3(1):i-vi.

Manjunath B. L., Dhanoji M. M., 2011 Effect of seed hardening on growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). AAB Bioflux 3(1):1-4.

Al-Obeed R. S., Kassem H. A., Ahmed M. A., 2011 Leaf petiole mineral and fruit heavy metals content of different grape cultivars grown under arid environments and irrigated with treated domestic wastewater. AAB Bioflux 3(1):5-14.

Ciurea V.-I., Paveliuc-Olariu C., Ungureanu G., Mihalache R., 2011 Study regarding the situation of agricultural consultancy in the North-East Region of Romania. AAB Bioflux 3(1):15-19.

Paveliuc-Olariu C., Ciurea I.-V., Brezuleanu S., Mihalache R., 2011 An evaluation of the effects of rural development policies in the North-East Region of Romania. AAB Bioflux 3(1):20-25.

Burlui I., 2011 The natural factors and the risk of fire in the forests of Suceava county - short technical review. AAB Bioflux 3(1):26-32.

Ahadiyat Y. R., Ranamukhaarachchi S. L., 2011 Different tillage and maize grass intercropping on root systems, growth and yield of rainfed maize (Zea mays L.). AAB Bioflux 3(1):33-38.

Mousavi B., Parsaeimehr A., Irvani N., 2011 Influences of growth regulators on callus induction, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine contents and chemical analysis of mature embryo of Ephedra strobilacea. AAB Bioflux 3(1):39-45.

Zafar M., Rahim N., Shaheen A., Khaliq A., Arjamand T., Jamil M., Rehman Z., Sultan T., 2011 Effect of combining poultry manure, inorganic phosphorus fertilizers and phosphate solublizing bacteria on growth, yield, protein content and P uptake in maize. AAB Bioflux 3(1):46-58.

Kulya J., Lontom W., Bunnag S., Theerakulpisut P., 2011 Cleome gynandra L. (C4 plant) shows higher tolerance of salt stress than its C3 close relative, C. viscosa L. AAB Bioflux 3(1):59-66.

Kassem H. A., Al-Obeed R. S., Ahmed M. A., 2011 Extending harvest season and shelf life and improving quality characters of Barhee dates. AAB Bioflux 3(1):67-75.

Tiwari D. K., Pandey P., Tripathi S., Giri S. P., Dwivedi J. L., 2011 Studies on genetic variability for yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.). AAB Bioflux 3(1):76-81.

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